Married 5th Sept, 2015. St. Dimitrious Church, S.A.

Like every wedding, I was super excited and anxious to shoot their special day. In the months of preparation and visits I had lots of idea’s floating and how I was going to achieve it.

I’m sure loads of wedding photographers just like me get pre wedding nerves before photographing. I don’t know why I get it, and maybe it was due to it being my first wedding back for the new wedding season?

Maybe it’s because I care about my clients and my work, wanting to do a 100% job at all times can become a pressured task!

But when the day comes, all of that is forgotten and I have one thing on my mind… Fun!


The Weather was a perfect 18 degrees. Patches of sun and cloud throughout the day. No rain was forecasted, we knew we’d be in for a treat.

I first visited the Groom at his parents’ house at 9am. I was a little early in fact! Peter was smiling as always. If he was nervous it definitely didn’t show from the outside. I could tell he was excited and for great reason too!

His groomsmen were all top blokes, down to earth and were up for laughs!

I managed to photograph the rings, shoes, gifts, dressing of the suits and one cool Chrysler Charger. His Mum (Being a Greek family) made sure I was well fed.

(On a side note… don’t even think about turning down a Greek lady when she offers you food. She will offer again, and again until you give in. When you give in you will wonder why you didn’t say yes in the first place because the food is amazing as always!)


Before I left their house I captured some family images for Peter of his Brother and his Mother. Peter’s Mother was most definitely the happiest Mother in the world!


I arrived at the Rydges Hotel in Adelaide for 11am. It was time to see the Bride (Emma) her maid of honour, bridesmaid, and parents.

Upon arrival I could tell Emma was excited and nervous all in one. However you could not wipe that smile off her face if you tried. Her Mum and Dad were there, proud as punch of course.

Her Bridesmaid and maid of honour always lending a helping hand if needed. They are lovely girls and often made fun of me about doorbells. (Personal joke)

Emma and Peter had both picked the perfect people to be on their bridal party, right beside them the whole way!

While I was there I captured the dress, jewellery, shots of hair and makeup, the shoes, and tears!

It was a warming moment seeing the Father of the bride in awe as he witnessed his daughter in her wedding dress. Emma held back tears as Dad couldn’t, it was a beautiful thing to see and capture!


The ceremony started at 2pm. It was held at St. Dimitrious in Salisbury, a Greek Orthodox Church. Can I just say the Church inside is absolutely amazing! If you have never been inside any Greek Orthodox Churches you are missing out!

I had arrived at the Church after Peter and his groomsmen. Guests had already started arriving so it gave me time to set up my equipment. Lighting would be a small concern because the inside was dark and was a large area.

It was at this point I could tell Peter was a little nervous, but good nerves of course.

Soon he was about to marry the girl of his dreams with his family and friends would be there to support them both.


Right on 2pm, Emma and the girls arrived at the Church. 2 white Jaguars, was like being in a scene from the 1950’s they were such amazing cars!

Emma was still smiling even to the lead up. I hurried inside the Church to prepare myself for the entrance… it was time!

After the ceremony, a small group of family and I visited a nearby park to get some family photos. You could tell Emma and Peter were a little more relaxed now that the main formalities were complete. We also managed to capture a beautiful isolated shot of them on a bridge. This was the teaser image I had first sent them and they loved it!



From here we made our way to the Adelaide Botanical gardens for the bridal party shots, and of course some shots of just Emma and Peter. Let’s not forget a quick stop over to get a few images on the steps of Parliament House in Adelaide as well.



Reception was a 7pm start back at the Rydges Hotel in Adelaide.

The room was a magnificent set up. The tables, decorations and the views looked stunning. There was a bar next door where people mixed and mingled before seating, so I took this opportunity to grab some shots of the room and how it was set up. With guests piling in it would be hard to achieve this otherwise.

The DJ was already there and set up too, Adrian was a good bloke with plenty year’s of experience. Nothing troubled him and he was happy to assist me through the night. It’s very important for any wedding photographer to converse with the DJ/MC before the start of the night. That way everyone is aware of what will be happening and when.


It wasn’t too long before the parents, the bridal party and the bride and groom were announced for the entrance.

Not long after, Emma and Peter did the cake cutting and entrées were served. It’s usually at this point a lot of wedding photographers would leave for the day, however I was there from start until finish.

The food and service from the staff was great, I would definitely visit the place again as a customer in the future too.

Speeches are always a fun part of the night, there were laughs and tears. Some funny stories and sad times. Some people weren’t with the family for the night, but I’m sure they were watching over them from above and in spirit.



The Royal Show fireworks were on. Before the dance we were treated to the fireworks display that we could see from the views at the Rydges. This lasted for roughly 10 minutes before Emma and Peter had their bridal dance.

As the night drew to a close, lots of dancing was happening, the odd drink was consumed and plenty of laughs were had all around.

It was an absolutely amazing night and an experience I will never forget.

Peter and Emma, I cannot thank you enough for trusting in me to capture your special day. I will always remember it for the rest of my life, as I’m sure you will too. Your family and friends were a treat to be around. Everyone was so welcoming and happy to have a laugh with me.

I wish you both the very best for your future together, and hope to see you again soon!


Best wishes,


The image that brought tears to Emma's eyes.

The image that brought tears to Emma's eyes.