Married 28th Feb, 2016

. Serafino Wines, S.A.

I first met Tony and Tanya roughly a year prior to their wedding date. I remember going to their house to chat about photography packages etc. They also asked me to do a special “Save the date photo” for their upcoming engagement party. It was a recreation of the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” movie cover. We managed to pull it off quite well.

Like most weddings, I like to meet at the venue with the couple before the big day. We caught up a week before their wedding at Serafino Wine’s in McLaren Vale. The grounds there are amazing and picturess. Lots of open spaces, old trees and plenty of photo opportunity. We were all set to go!

The day of the wedding I arrived at their house for preparation photos of Tanya and her girls. Hair and makeup artists were set to arrive any moment, the day was about to begin.

When I visit any bride’s house or location, I like to capture images of the dress in isolation, shoes, jewellery, perfume, gifts etc. It’s the finer details like these that cannot go missed on such an important day.

Tanya really wanted me to capture a shot of her wedding dress and couldn’t find THE perfect spot for it. She literally hammered a nail into a wall above the walkway, and hung the dress on a coat hanger. Great idea Tanya, and apologies you had to put a hole in the wall.


It was time to visit Tony and the guys. They were getting ready at a room back at Serafino Wines. I couldn’t believe how chilled both Tony and Tanya were. At least on the outside they looked calm and ready. I’m sure it was a different story on the inside!

Tony had a few of his merry men with him and his sons. Everyone looked sharp and ready to go.

I captured a few images of his suit, shoes, cologne bottle etc. Also some group shots of all the guys.

It was heating up to be a warm day so we had to work quickly.

I had a small amount of time left so I headed back to Tanya’s house to capture the final images of her and her bridesmaids/kids getting into the stretch Chrysler limousine. It was time for the ceremony…

I arrived back at Serafino’s to prepare for the ceremony. Tony and the boys were already in position, with guests waiting in anticipation. Not long after the limousine had arrived, with an army of ladies all piling out single file. It was time for Tony to marry the girl of his dreams!

After the ceremony we gathered a group photo with all the guests and assorted family photos. The bridal party images were a bunch of fun and the lighting was just perfect. (From a photographer point of view)

We managed to visit all the locations as planned, except for one. Tanya wanted a shot of her and Tony under the vines near the cellar door entrance. I purposely left this shot and assured Tanya we will do it later at night time, I had something special planned for it.



The reception was held in the courtyard. Wow it is amazing in there! You have to see it to believe it. The room holds up to 250 guests, is very open and lit with fairly lights, truly spectacular.

Credit to the staff at Serafino, the room and tables were set up beautifully. I knew it would be a great night ahead with plenty of photo opportunity.

Tony & Tanya were introduced as husband and wife as they entered the room. Guests clapping and smiles all around.

The night itself was fairly laid back and casual. It suited them to a T, they didn’t want anything too outrageous or over the top. Their cake was 4-tier with a custom cake topper. I’m not a cake expert but you have to believe me when I say it looked amazing, and yummy! It actually tasted as good as it looked too!

Tony was the only person to do a speech, but it was touching and meaningful. True gentleman!

The rest of the night consisted of great food, cake, the odd beverage and dancing!

I was truly honoured to be part of their special day, and I wish them both well for their future together.