Married 16th Oct, 2016. Secret Garden, Stirling S.A.

I can remember every single wedding I have ever photographed.

Along with the bride and groom, this is that one wedding that I will always remember. For reasons that are both good and not so good. Stay with me so I can explain ;)


Neka and Luke were set to have their dream reception at Utopia, Waterfall Gully South Australia. The weeks leading up to their special date, Adelaide had some terrible weather which caused floods and landslides to certain areas. A week out from their day they were told they could no longer have their reception at Utopia. The venue was deemed unsafe. It was their dream location and had their hearts set on it. Luckily, the owners have a sister venue at Semaphore South, Glanville Hall. The owners and staff worked extremely hard to relocate many weddings/receptions to Glanville Hall and were able to give them a venue at least.


They hoped for sunny and beautiful weather, we got wet sad and miserable. But this didn't spoil their moods in the slightest!

Neka and her bridesmaids stayed at a B&B in Summertown. It was a beautiful place in the Adelaide Hills. Fog covered the hills and views and the rain wouldn't let off. This however didn't seem to phase Neka. She was bright and bubbly when I arrived at the house. I didn't expect everyone to be so laid back. If she was nervous she didn't seem to show out from the outside.

When i visit the girls location I always like to capture detailed images of the jewelry, rings, shoes, perfume and dress etc. I had a couple hours so I didn't have to rush about and get things done in any hurry.

We got some amazing shots of the dress reveal to her father. Neka stood facing the window and her father stood behind her and waited for her to turn around. It was a beautiful moment and I'm sure it mean't the world to both of them.

With the rain still pouring I had to quickly leave the property and hurry to the ceremony location at the Secret Garden Stirling.

Between the veranda to my car in the space of 10 metres I was soaked!

I had never been to the Secret Garden before. It is an amazing little spot there, the owners have done a great job!

The ceremony was supposed to be on the grassed area but they had no choice to have it on the veranda at the back of the property.

It was a lovely ceremony and their son Lincoln wanted to be the star of the show :)

The rain still poured down, so family photographs had to be upstairs where it was dry.

After the ceremony we were off to get photographs of the new bride and groom, somewhere around Port Adelaide and Glanville Hall.

Things were going so well up until this point!

Their hire car only made it a few metres down the road until it stalled. The battery was as flat as a pancake.

Luckily I was still around at this point. My little two door car was now a wedding chauffeur car. There I was driving down the Adelaide Hills freeway with bride and groom in the back of my car. The back seat is tiny, and Neka's wedding dress was puffy. I remember having to help her in and out of the car, because there are no back doors to open.

At this point Neka and Luke really weren't phased anymore. They had massive smiles on their faces because when you get to a point you just have to smile, keep moving forward and enjoy the day for what it is.

We didn't have time to make it to Port Adelaide for photographs, but we did have time to stop at the Veale Gardens in the city.

By this point the rain had held off a little and we were blessed with a bit of sunshine, finally!

The photos were amazing. Of course I would say that though!


It was time for the reception, keeping in mind Neka and Luke hadn't seen the room setup inside Glanville Hall. They had visioned what the other venue would look like and wanted a replica at their new venue.

They were completely blown away, it was even better than they had imagined. The owners and entire staff made their fairy tale wedding come true!

I also admit it was an extremely cute setup with one continuous bridal/guest table with rustic decorations, tins and candles.

The reception went very smoothly and the food was A+ as usual. I wouldn't expect anything less from their chef Justin.

Neka and Luke had me sitting directly opposite them at the table. Usually us wedding photographers are shunted out the back on a small table in the cold. I felt like royalty it was quite a bizarre feeling, but a good one!

After dinner we decided to have a few shots in the rain. Neka had a white parasol which made an amazing prop. In the picture below I positioned an off camera flash behind them facing their direction. It lit up the parasol and also captured the rain in one single shot. We were all fairly soaked (well I was - they had the umbrella) and my equipment was wet. Was totally worth it though to achieve 'that' shot.



To Neka and Luke, thank you so much for having me and allowing me to capture your wedding day. I hope it was everything you dreamed of and more.

From the planning process right through until the end of the night I enjoyed everything! Your family and guests were great and very welcoming also.

It was an incredible day with some highs and lows, but I reckon they pulled off an amazing day! 

Special thanks to the team at Utopia/Glanville Hall for creating such an amazing venue for them!